Babe Ruth League rules will be followed with exceptions created specifically for our league.
See links below for those exceptions.

See General League Rules and Pitching Rules and Field and Game Details for rules specific to our league.

1)  All players bat in the lineup.

2)  Open substitutions.  A defensive substitution can be made at any time, a player can enter & exit defensive positions with no limit.  Only pitching limits apply.  See the link above for those limitations.

3)  Babe Ruth bat rules are to be followed.   -5 is the maximum drop for a big-barrell bat in our league!  So, a -5 big barrel bat is acceptable, a -3 is acceptable, but nothing larger than -5.   There is no drop limit for small-barrel bats.  For example, while a -10 is acceptable for a small-barrel bat, it is not acceptable for a big-barrel bat.

4)  Bats that meet the specifications in item #3 above will provided by the league for each game.

5)  Metal spikes are allowed.


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