1) When does practice begin?
• Practice begins the week of Fayetteville School's Spring Break.

2) When do games begin?
• The league games will be scheduled to start Saturday, April 8th, 2017 at Walker Park/Regional Park, and later in April for White River.

3) What days will practice be held?
• Practice days are assigned to each team. Each team will be assigned 1 day and time during the week to practice until the season starts, and a practice time on Saturday that continues during the season. Some Saturdays will not be available due to make up games or tournaments.

4) What days will games be played?
• Games will be played on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  And some Fridays, and maybe even Saturdays, possible depending on weather.  The first games starting at 5:30 and the second at approximately 7:00. Rainouts will be fit in as field space permits during weekdays including Fridays and also on some Saturdays. There are no set days for any single team. Any team can play any of these days in any time slot. A computer program determines the schedule.

5) When will the uniforms be ready?
• Before the season begins. 

6) Can players be placed on a team together?
• The only way to guarantee players to be on a team together is for the mom/dad to sponsor/coach together.  Otherwise, ages 4-8 are placed on teams randomly, ages 9-15 are drafted by the league coaches.

7) How many games per week?
• There will not be more than two regularly scheduled games per week.  Depending on how the scheduling works out, you may sometimes only play one game per week.  Or, if you have to make up a rainout game, you could possibly play three games per week (2 regularly scheduled, 1 make-up).

8) Can I place a whole team in the league together?
• We have a competitive league that existing competitive teams can play in, or if you want to put together a team to play in it.  It plays on Wednesday nights.  Ages 9 - 14.  Email us for details.   Otherwise, we do not allow whole teams to be placed into our league together.  Our league does not create the teams for this Wednesday-night league, existing teams can sign-up to play in it.


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